I started working with Access Now during the summer of 2016. Access Now is an international, non-profit organization whose goal is to protect and extend the digital rights of citizens from all over the world. This is achieved through working with the United Nations, human rights organizations and the influential impact of a voice from many online.

E-Privacy Graphic

Above is a headline and social media graphic concerning the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications. The directive enacted in the EU came into effect in 2002 that deals with confidentiality and treatment of data through the communication sector. Why this campaign came into focus was because newer technologies have since been released, including the usage of smart phones. The directive isn't reflecting on these newer technologies and therefore, should be updated. We are creating awareness on this issue, while providing recommendations on how the directive should reflect upon these changes in the digital world, while making the directive less exploitable.


I played a role in the branding of the Net Neutrality EU campaign. The goal of this campaign is to promote Net Neutrality trageted at European citizens through social media. I proposed and designed the above graphic.

NN Social Media Graphic

Above is an example of 1 of 5 Net Neutrality graphics shared through social media, where we boldly outline the postivie aspects through this principle.

The EU Net Neutrality Campaign was successful. New guidelines were published on Tuesday, August 30 by the regulatory body that sought to reinforce guidelines of Net Neutrality. These changes were meant to get rid of loopholes exploited by telecoms.

Government Hacking Graphic

My creative direction was crucial to the following report on government hacking. This report indentifies key issues of government hacking, how it impedes human rights and the call to action against government hacking. The executive summary, which I also provided the design, can also be found here.

AmIBeingTracked Web Mockup

This is a website page mockup to present one of Access Now's archived projects: "Am I Being Tracked". How this project worked was that a test is run through your smartphone to identify if your mobile carrier puts tracking headers into your phones. These tracking headers exchange information about your location and your search habits.