Colorcatures Website

Colorcatures is a website built on the idea of illustrating characters around color psychology. Hence the name, Colorcatures (color and the characatures of them). For example, the color red is associated with anger, assertion and passion, and a character is created to represent those traits. Because of future possibilities, the website is prone to being expanded upon.

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Colorcatures Wireframe

This is the original desktop wireframe that was worked upon. A small rectangle-shaped advertisement affiliate was sought afterwards as opposed to a leaderboard to better compensate the responsive design.

Color Container

The Javascript container was the most difficult part of this website. I have to find out how to manipulate the drag mechanic to scroll through the character links that I will be adding. What makes this hard was that I have only basic Javascript knowledge. After searching, tweeking and manipulating, I finally got what I want. I even got it to adjust for mobile devices.


The colors and characters represented are followed from the top left to bottom right: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink, Black and White. Brown and Teal were added later on. Their names reflect their color or a reference to their color and character (ex. Torosso - Toro is bull and rosso is red in Spanish.) Rosalina was changed to Diana because of the resemblence to the character in Mario, which was frighteningly coincidental.