This is a rebuild of an interactive app campaign I did in college called Globe Gevalia. Gevalia Kaffe is a brand that sells coffee of higher standards. Some of the flavors Gevalia offers are commonly from around different parts of the world. What would be more fun than to educate customers on what parts of the world certain Gevalia coffees come from and how the terrain or climate makes an impact to the flavor.

The original campagin was called "Tour de Bean." I decided this didn't really work since it references the French event: The Tour de France and it isn't exactly as international as this campaign intends to be.

Globe Gevalia Landing
Globe Gevalia App Button

When potential customers use this app, they are treated to an interactive globe they are able to spin with a motion of their finger. Depending on which continents are visible to them, icons above the globe list the countries and the coffee flavors represented. Among clicking an icon, they are educated on the country and its effect on the coffee flavor. They are then given the option to order the product from their phone.

Globe Gevalia SmartPhone Swipe
Globe Gevalia SmartPhone Icons
Globe Gevalia SmartPhone Product