The Greenbelt Conservancy, part of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, is a non-profit organization that includes a system of public parks and centers on Staten Island. The goal was to provide outreach to the Conservancy's parks, notably High Rock Park and Willowbrook Park through print collateral. This included the promotion of the parks' pathways, events and programs and to provide information on the parks' attractions, including the carousel located in Willowbrook Park. They also sought to update their look, as I provided them with a cleaner, more modern design through the collateral.


The first page of a quad-fold brochure, providing details on the Greenbelt Conservancy and ways the public can participate through donation, volunteering, and other programs.


The second page of the same brochure. This section provides a calendar of upcoming events during the summer of 2015.


Sign providing information on the carousel located in Willowbrook Park. Additional signs were created around the carousel that adhere to the same design.