During the summer of 2014, I was interning at the Made In NY Media Center through the competitive Brooklyn Tech Triangle Program or BTTIP. BTTIP pairs students with start-up companies within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, DUMBO and Downtown Brooklyn.

The Made In NY Media Center provides workspace and opportunities to start-up tech companies through different levels of membership. The Media Center also provides access to classes and presentations.

My responsibilities at the Media Center were sizable as an intern. I was responsible in building page advertisements, flyers, theater holding slides, social media components and much more. My official BTTIP internship was until August 2014, but I continued to offer my services at The Media Center until February of next year.


On my first week, due in only 4 days, immediately, I was tasked with an important assignment: To design a full-page advertisement of the Media Center that would go into Filmmaker Magazine. The magazine is published by IFP, which is the parent company of the Made in NY Media Center. The magazine is viewed by more than ten thousand people.

The assets I was given were the logos, the images and the copy. Not only was this a layout challenge, but I was tasked to enhance the images in the way to make them more dynamic.

One thought that occurred to me involved reflecting the movement used in the Media Center's logo. The lines crossing represented the many technology and design disciplines coming together and that's what I hoped to accomplished by manipulating the frames of the images.


The pitched was well received. Time was of the essence to get a first draft ready pronto.


Getting there. Sort of. This took quite a few revisions to finally perfect, sometimes backtracking and adding new content in the process. We were dabbling on black or white but they had their minds set on black. I suggested that we replace the image on the upper-right because the person facing away from us felt impersonal and uninviting. So after these revisions, I am pleased to say that we sent this out for print on time and the advertisement has been published.


Here is the Media Center's rate card providing hourly rates and capacity of their facilities. The assignment here was to include a front and back, with the rates and imagery on the front and a blueprint map of the workspace on the back. Originally, the back was going to be an image but I was confident enough in my Illustrator skills that I showed them that I can recreate the map in a clean, colorful manner.


This is the back of the rate card. The graphic was simply traced over the blueprint and I divided up the lines to alternate the colors, representing each space.