Seastrikers is a concept of a game for a mobile device that revolves around controlling a fleet of ships in your arsenal and you move them from tile to tile in real time to combat your enemy's fleet. Your fleet is entirely customizable from hull and propulsion to weapons and protection. The player can control a fleet through five eras: Ancient, Medieval, Age of Sail, World War and Modern.

For the font, I wanted to look for something bold. Kind of colorful but not too over the top cartoony. Here are the fonts I was experimenting with:

Seastrikers Fonts

I settled for Grobold. It's bold and just the right amount of cartoon I feel.

Seastrikers Logo
Seastrikers App Button

Above is the logo and the corresponding app button.

Seastrikers Main Menu Mockup

This is what an example of a main screen would look like.

Seastrikers Fleet Mockup

This is the fleet screen, where you can manage a force of 3 to 8 ships.

Seastrikers Matchmaking Mockup

This is what the matchmaking screen looks like.

Seastrikers Battle Mockup

This is what the battle screen would look like. A horizontal view is shown. The goal is to eliminate your opponent's fleet, but you have to be close enough.

Seastrikers Create Mockup

This is the sub-menu of the create-a-ship menu.

Seastrikers Create Mockup

This is an example image of the create-a-ship's layout when in the process of building a ship.